you might be a woman living in patriarchy if…

I’ve personally experienced most of these.

Young Mormon Feminists

  1. You routinely apologize for no reason and for instances completely out of your control
  2. You ask questions by first putting yourself down: “this is probably a stupid question but…”
  3. You spend significant amounts of time getting ready in the morning and scrutinizing your appearance throughout the day. You know that if you did not, you could face adverse reactions depending on your profession and life circumstances
  4. You routinely value “harmony” and a lack of overt conflict over expressing your own desires and needs.
  5. You’ve been told you’re good at something “for a girl.”
  6. You are commonly called a “girl” no matter your age, but it is considered a sign of disrespect to call an adult man a boy.
  7. When you are tall, you choose shoes that will not make you seem taller instead of choosing the ones you genuinely want to wear.
  8. You are called a “bitch” for being unafraid…

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About tallgurrl

I'm a 30 year old single Mormon woman, who just went back to university to finish my degree. Its been a challenge to see my friends get married, have babies... I still love them. I'm just branching out to meet and mingle more.
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